Glass Yucca

The translucent handmade Glass Yucca will be a garden treasure for years to come. From large to small installs, you can customize the Yucca to fit the setting and lighting of your personal garden. Each leaf is one of a kind and made on copper pipe for ease of installation. Settings can be changed by adding other colors or more leaves. Our custom lighting will take your Glass Yucca to another level of experience.


With deep colors and organic shape the hand blown Glass Bamboo will be the highlight of your Asian-inspired garden. The elegant design allows you to create your own personal setting and size it to the location. Every double node section of Glass Bamboo is one of a kind. After years of perfection, this garden art quickly became one of the hot new trends. With up lighting or internal lighting, your Glass Bamboo look can be changed to suit your mood.


Our hand blown Glass Cactus brings the feel of Arizona and New Mexico to any environment. These garden jewels are inspired by the deep greens and textures of the desert. Inside or out, the play of light and glass in your setting will add a garden accent year round. With up lighting or internal lighting, the Glass Cactus takes over the night. Needing no water, they are maintenance free for decades.
Rodman Millerís finials of hand blown glass can transform your fence into a play of colors and shapes, formal to bizarre. Rodmanís ability with glass and copper is world famous. With many major fence installs to his credit, his art is timeless. From metal to wood, Rodman Miller glass will excite and enhance your garden border.
Hand blown Glass Mushrooms are a fun way to bring year round color to a wet northwest garden. From big to small, from bright to dim they are a great addition to your garden. With internal 12 volt light or color LEDís system, they create a night time fantasy.






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